The Montenotte Hotel 2019

Sculptures at The Montenotte Hotel 2019


Garden Sculptures

Garden sculptures are an enchanting way to incorporate art into your garden or landscape.

A carefully chosen sculpture will breathe new life into an ordinary garden and work in harmony with its surroundings.

While a well chosen sculpture stands out from its surroundings with grace and beauty, a sculpture that looks out of place is noticed for all the wrong reasons. Garden sculptures can help homeowners create the kind of garden they have only seen within the pages of high-end design magazines.

With such a broad range of styles to choose from, we can find you a sculpture that fits your garden perfectly.

Garden sculptures can be displayed in many different ways throughout a garden, either boldly sited as the centre of a garden or snugly tucked away among the lush plant life adding an element of surprise.

Whether the design is classical or contemporary, we have large and small garden sculptures to suit every style, taste and budget.

Gardener designers can easily use sculptures to create a certain mood or achieve a particular style or theme throughout the garden.

At The Kildare Gallery we can help you match garden art to your existing design style, ensuring that the garden sculpture compliments its existing or new surroundings.

The right garden sculpture is certainly a way of creating new heights in landscape design.

The Garden Of Sculptures

Bloom Garden Show, Dublin