An exhibition of paintings by artist Emma Stroude opening at The Kildare Gallery October 5th 3pm until October 27th

Emma Stroude’s new body of work ‘Curious’ explores the spectacle of coloured smoke and powder clouds and the diversity of their use for celebration, entertainment, protest, alert or a call for help. The inhabitants of each painting choose to ignore, react, record, engage with or even act as the instigators of these clouds of colour and the situations they create. Our human involvement and response to this spectacle is the curious question.

The Gallery is located in the charming old Steward’s house, which dates back to the late 1800s.

The house has been brought back to life, to create a gallery of distinction set amongst the grounds of one of Ireland’s finest hotels.

Fine art paintings, sculpture, Irish craft & design are on display throughout; You can also find on the grounds surrounding the Kildare Gallery a collection of contemporary outdoor sculptures, sure to enhance any garden.

The Kildare Gallery provides an interactive space making art accessible for all to enjoy.


Jonathan Dickson
Alan Somers
John Fitzgerald
Matilda Michel
Susan Cairns
Dorte Goldammer
Ursula klinger
Cathal Manning
Dermot Brennan
Emma Stroude
Karen Wilson
Andrzej Mazur
Caitlyn Rooke

John Cullinan
Jacinta Monks
Trish Taylor Thompson
Conor Galagher
Paddy Lennon
Ester Barrett
Ailbhe Barrett
Fiona Marron
Vincent Devine
Orla Walsh
Linda Coogan Byrne
Paul Ryan
Steven Mannion Farrell

Anna Duncan
Stephanie Hess
Petr Holecek
Patrick O’Reilly
Alva Gallagher
Emer Byrne
Orla de Bri
Merce Canadell
Breda Marron
David McGlynn
Jackie Ball
Calnan & Anhoj
Ian Pollock
Carolyn Mulholland RHA
Fidelma Massey
Rafael Dela
Betty Newman Maguire
Anna Campbell
Ester Barrett
Liam Butler
Ronan Butler
Catherine Greene
Richy Quin
Monika Tomaszunas
Nicky Dolan
Caroline Bond
Clodagh Redden
Ronan Halpin
Dirk Hudson
Bob Quinn
Michele Hannan
Marie Smith
Sandro Prsa
Danius Varna
Brian Byrne
Ayelet Lalor
Ciaran Patterson

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