“Present In The Past” Kateryna Taylor Exhibition

“Present In The Past”, The Kateryna Taylor exhibition opens in The Kildare Gallery, unit 100 Kildare Village on March 11th at 2pm and will run for 2 weeks.

All Proceeds from the show will go to Irish  Charity, St Vincent de Paul as Kateryna would like to pay back the kindness she has received since landing here in Ireland .

About Kateryna.

Kateryna Talalay ( the same name as our own Katie Taylor) fled from Kyiv, Ukraine with her six year old son, last April. She is a remarkable woman and a talented artist.

Part of her assimilation in to Ireland has been expressing herself through art. She has picked up  her brushes again and is launching a new exhibition in the Kildare Gallery in Kildare Village this March.

The collection is made up of two parts. One reflecting her war experience and the other, a more hopeful one reflecting the nature of her new country, Ireland. Kateryna is an artist who has synaesthesia. The sounds she hears are transformed into visual effects. It’s considered a mild disability by some but for Kateryna, it adds another level to her art.

The Ukraine paintings are her experience of the war. She painted the sounds of the air raid sirens, the war experience, her reaction to the news that Bucha (suburbs of Kyiv) was liberated and her journey out of Ukraine with her son. The Ireland paintings reflect the beauty, dignity, and solemnity of Ireland. The nature and the people of Ireland have resonated with her soul. The minimalist landscapes of the Atlantic way and the intricate design of solemn churches, the ever-changing performance of the clouds choreographed by Irish nature, and the resilience and optimistic nature of the Irish are her inspiration.

Kateryna and her son are refugees in Ireland. She volunteers at a shelter, paints and recovers, all whilst raising her son. Her mother refused to leave Ukraine and is committed to the war effort there.

Two generations of strong women.