Bloom 2023

Ruth Liddle & Ken Folan of the Kildare Gallery have for their 8th year returned to Bloom, to celebrate Sculpture in a garden setting. The sculpture garden is sponsored by Currys whom are promoting their focus on their innovative recycling services. Currys also offer a Go Greener range of energy efficient appliances, some of which will be displayed at Bloom.

Sculpture in the Park removes art from the confines of gallery walls & is an exciting must-see outdoor feature at Bloom. Vibrancy, colour and beauty best describes the Sculpture in the Park large garden this year. It’s the combination of living materials and the static art that makes for a welcoming and contemporary landscape. Crisscross pathways of colour and sculpture reflect the busy palette, but the overall look is one of beauty. The dominant colour in this year’s planting scheme is Purple. Purple signifies nobility, luxury, power, and ambition so it’s a strong look. Its contrasted elegantly with
white purity, cleanliness, and peacefulness. Artists bring bold and sophisticated Sculpture to the garden. The dynamic pieces are inspiring and reflect life and nature.

Designed and curated by Ruth Liddle and Ken Folan, they demonstrate that your outdoor space can bring
balance, harmony, and beauty to your home.


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