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Martin O’ Keefe

Born in Newry Co. Down, raised in West Cork and Dublin, Martin O’Keefe is a visual artist who works primarily in the mediums of stainless and mild steel, aluminium, copper and brass.

An award-winning sculptor Martin honed his craft on a part-time basis for over twenty years, committing to full-time professional practice in 2013 and presenting his work to the public from 2016. Martin designs and hand crafts all his work from his studio in Dublin.

Inspired by his cultural heritage, surroundings, the ordinary, life experiences, thoughts and observations. Martin continues to create unique pieces of sculpture which absorb, reflect and distort light and landscape; inviting the viewer to look past the obvious into the imperceptible and inconspicuous.

‘Steel is an amazing medium, its hard, rough and cold but when manipulated becomes soft, smooth, warm and inviting. Work it and it becomes compliant, stretches and bends, distorts and discolours and the most exciting part, if allowed steel will bring you down a path you hadn’t first envisaged. This is why for me the process is as important as the final outcome’