Bronze artist Mike Duhan now showing at the Kildare Gallery

With thirty years’ experience working in bronze Limerick Native Mike Duhan has exhibited both here & abroad. We have a large collection of Mikes work available to view at the gallery which would suit both indoor or outdoor.

Mike describes himself as  being  post-contemporary.

“To me how one says what one says is as important as what one says in the first place. I enjoy using my hands and acquired skills in the making of my art. It wouldn’t upset me in the least to be described as an artisan or craftsman rather than an artist as long as I’m happy with the quality of my output. I use permanent materials so that my work can reach out through time; I try to make the work aesthetically pleasing and also try to lace it with humor. I would like to think that it could touch people from the past equally well as those not yet born”