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Mike Duhan

“Like so many artists before me and around me I use the naked human figure as the metaphor to explore and describe my take on the beauty and complexity not only of the human form but also of our shared human condition; neither of which, (form and condition) will be changing anytime soon. My work is thus object based and as I use traditional materials and techniques (clay, metal, fire) my work does not fit in with current curatorial and critical art templates. I don’t mind that in the least I have no need to fit in. I always wanted my work to be timeless and like to think of myself as being post-contemporary.

To me how one says what one says is as important as what one says in the first place. I enjoy using my hands and acquired skills in the making of my art. It wouldn’t upset me in the least to be described as an artisan or craftsman rather than an artist as long as I’m happy with the quality of my output. I use permanent materials so that my work can reach out through time; I try to make the work aesthetically pleasing and try to lace it with humour. I would like to think that it could touch people from the past equally well as those not yet born.

The work an artist does expresses who and what he or she is; not only that, but the creative processes also involved, both physical and mental, serve as exercises in self-exploration and discovery; helping one know oneself. My Art along with the meanings I weave into it, should in its finality and totality define who I am or who I was. I suppose on a worldwide level Art has that same function namely to serve as a diagnostic tool, a civilizing stimulus and diary of mankind’s journey.

Art is one of the things that defines us and explains us, it helps distil our humanity and pass on its message.” – Mike Duhan