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Liam Butler

Originally from Kilkenny Liam Butler now lives and works in the West of Ireland. Liam is a welder by trade and worked abroad in Germany and America for many years before returning to Ireland where he began using his skill to express himself artistically. Liam is a completely self-taught sculptor who works in welded steel, copper and bronze. His tools are no more than a welding torch and a hammer. Liam’s signature style of highly polished copper alongside heavily textured patination makes his work recognisable anywhere. Liam is inspired by the natural elegance in his immediate environment, species of birds, trees & flowers. In recent years, willingness to experiment and a growth in confidence has seen an explosion of new subject matter especially the natural beauty of the windswept landscape of the West of Ireland & figurative pieces . Liam’s love and empathy with the natural world cries out from each piece. Liams work is in both private & public collections worldwide.