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Dawn Conn

International figurative sculptor Dawn Conn is captivated by the nostalgia of childhood, ‘joie de vivre‘ & embracing life. For Dawn, her sculptural process is intuitive – an emotional language, the way she sees the world.  Although, It starts with imagery of personal experiences, feelings and memories, as a daughter, a mother and as a woman, her themes are universal.  Dawn comments, ‘Ultimately, I want people to respond to my work with feelings rather than thoughts.‘ These are examined through a whimsical and instinctive perspective to create authentic and meaningful sculptures.

Dawn grew up celebrating her Celtic heritage on a farm, near a settlement called ‘Avoca’ in New Zealand.  Her humble beginnings taught her the value of resourcefulness, joy of imagination and love of nature. Although Dawn’s childhood is long gone, it is still very much alive in her heart and in her work.

Dawn undertook nearly a decade-long year journey of academic art education (including art and design studies at the prestigious Central St Martins College in London.  She combined it with an organic approach of continued self-instruction and independent study to create her own unique artistic style, fusing techniques, mediums and inspiration.

Since 2011, Dawn established a successful sculpture business based in Australia and in 2016 returned back to Europe. Her bronze and resin sculptures can now be found in private and public collections in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Singapore, France, Germany, Finland, Portugal, Italy, Switzerland, USA, UK and Ireland. In 2020 Dawn won the BBC1 ‘home is with the art is’ (S2E2) art show with her original sculpture.

Dawn sees her creativity as an evolution – ‘My art has always represented my vision and spirit’. Dawn’s journey of life is brimming with adventure, travel, people and places. Her personal passion is in evidence in her work which is underpinned by a slightly quirky take on life and a gentle sense of humour which mirrors her own.