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Dublin based Irish artist Ayelet specialises in decorative and colourful figurative sculpture and graphic art, and has worked in clay, bronze, concrete and even edible materials.
Art and creativity have always been an intrinsic part of her life, and her work is inspired by the female form which features strongly in the work, a constant muse, referenced through colour, texture and strong graphic stylisation. Ayelet works in a variety of media and scales.
My sculptures have been exhibited both in Ireland & abroad & her pieces can be found in various collections

“I grew up in West Cork surrounded by artists, and as a child spent many summers camping under the stars, and dancing around maypoles. I was surrounded by independent, free-thinking women, in sharp contrast to the American southern belle influences of my maternal family. This has shaped my work greatly, with the strong female form being central to my artwork.

I’ve worked as a professional clay artist since 1999. I’ve always liked to get my hands dirty, and the physical act of mark making, digging with fingers, smearing, smoothing and tearing are intrinsic to my creative process, and continuous research and exploration have resulted in more experimental ways of working.
I also really enjoy the challenge that comes from working in different mediums: clay, cement, bronze, and have built sculptures from materials as diverse as chocolate, icing and cement!”