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Nellie Hannigan
Nellie presently works using images and inspiration from the inside of flat 3B at Patrick Street, in Dublin City. It was home to the Molloy family and built by The Iveagh Trust. In 1890, Edward Cecil Guinness, grandson of the original Arthur Guinness, provided houses and amenities for working-class people with low incomes in Dublin. The Iveagh Building replaced some of the worst slum dwellings in Europe. The Flat was never changed from it’s original state and was lived in by Nellie Molloy up to her death in 2002 aged 95. Nellie Molloy’s dedication to the preservation of the flat in it’s original condition (now a museum and a unique window into life at the beginning of the 20th century) serves as inspiration for Nellie Hannigan’s paintings, they deal with memory, family and the aspirations of a unique person.