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Cathal Manning

Cathal Manning is a self-taught oil painter based in Dublin, Ireland.

Many of his paintings capture images of Irish landscapes and the more traditional Irish way of life. As a child Cathal grew up on the North side of Dublin to parents from farming backgrounds in the West of Ireland. As a child he spent his school holidays returning to his parent’s home place from the late 1970s and right through the 80s. Manning adored these times and fell in love with the way of life that existed then. He was intrigued as to how the environment and way of life contrasted so much with that of his surroundings in Dublin, how the landscape and colours of West Kerry contrasted with the opaque tones of the city.

In the villages where his grandparents were living, life was simple. Most were living off the land where they had a small number of livestock. Some of the neighbours lived in houses without electricity or running water. As a child he worked with his grandparents, uncles and neighbours on the farms. Life was very simple for most.   The memories he has of these times along with the stories about life from his parent’s childhood he holds dearly and enjoys trying to keep alive through his painting. The vibrant colours used in the paintings are how he remembers rural life from childhood memories. Manning’s paintings are created with oil freely applied to a stretched canvas board, completed entirely with a palette knife. Cathal also produces portraits of various musicians, actors, and other artists from both the past and present, as well as completing private commissions.