Alfa Male

Artist: Andrzej Mazur
Title: Alfa Male
Material: Oil on panel
Size: 50cmx50cm

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Andrzej Mazur

“My works tell the human story from the perspective of fleeting moments, single occurrences. I’m trying express emotions and feelings in a uniquely subtle way – indirectly and between the verses. Sometime static, sometime expressive movements of my human figures, their gestures and mimicry become an almost abstract symbol of the state of mind that ‘the viewer’ projects onto his/her mental experiences. Let’s make an art to be a mirror where we all can stand “Face –to – face” to our inner life.”


“There is something deeply peculiar about Andrzej Mazur’s arresting, if often arcane images. His beautifully accomplished oils, many small and exquisitely detailed, teem with cryptic fragments of myth, Aesop’s Fables or Biblical tales; with a visual lexicon colliding Renaissance art and science with Baroque, Romantic, Symbolist, Dada, Surrealist and Catholic iconography. Hardworking and prolific, his tumult of imaginary landscapes are allegories mostly centred on the human form; often cowled or masked, resplendent or recoiling. With extraordinary facility he shifts styles – from the macabre, grotesque and apocalyptic to the fantastical, even sentimental – his Old Master techniques bolted to a free-ranging post-modern sensibility.”
Mic Moroney
“Garden of Earthly Delights”
Irish Art Review VOL33. No4

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