Line Between

Artist: Antoon Knaap
Title: Untitled
Medium: acrylic on canvas
Size: 40 x 50cm

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Born in 1960’s Amsterdam, Antoon grew up in tumultuous times. The cultural revolution of the 1960s and 1970s made Amsterdam the magical center of Europe. The use of soft drugs was ‘tolerated’ and this policy made the city a popular destination for hippies and less peaceful characters. Squatting became widespread. Riots and clashes with the police were frequent.
No …, not Antoon! ,but he did enjoy growing up there. Following a career in banking, he moved to Ireland where he started his own business and became an avid woodworker. Afterwards, he moved to Spain and developed himself as an “artisan crafter and painter” and currently he is back in Ireland. Guess the rain is more appealing than the sun

“I work predominantly on canvas with acrylics, I like its forgiving nature and the wide range of application. In the last few years, my interest in Irish history has become visible in my work, as well as my fascination with Mathematics and Science” – Antoon Knaap

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