Mo Kelly

Mo Kelly is a fine art painter from Dublin, her work is figurative and landscaped based. She has exhibited nationally and throughout Europe and the U.S. to much acclaim. As both an artist and DJ, she is steeped in the cultural and creative art scene in Ireland’s capital.

Her cityscapes capture the energy and style of a vibrant city that is constantly in a state of flux. Much of Mo’s work is set at dusk giving an other-worldly take on the traditional landscape. “I’m fascinated by the trickery of twilight especially the otherworldly dimensions and shadows it brings, using gold and silver leaf goes someway towards expressing this feeling of saturated dark luminescence that I love”

Mo Kelly’s artistic career got of to an early start; she won state art competitions while still in secondary school, this followed on through art college where she was chosen as the only second year student to exhibit in a final year show. Just out of college her work received the highest accolade and was chosen from a panel of artists and presented to the Irish Prime Minister (Taoiseach).

Sienna Miller is also a fan, likening Mo’s work to “A rock ‘n’ roll Modigliani”.

Last year Mo’s work was chosen to be displayed on the largest billboard in Times Square as part of the ‘See Me – Art Takes Time Square’ cura

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